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Under the Moonspell


Release date:
April 27th, 1994
Catalog ID:
CD AR 021
Adipocere Records
2 reviews (avg. 90%)
1. Allah Akbar! La Allah Ella Allah! (Praeludium / Incantatum Solstitium) 01:51   Show lyrics
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2. Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento I / Erudit Compendyum) (Interludium / Incantatum Oequinoctium) 07:25   Show lyrics
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3. Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento II / Erotic Compendyum) 06:02   Show lyrics
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4. Opus Diabolicum (Andamento III / Instrumental Compendyum) 04:22   Show lyrics
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5. Chorai Lusitânia! (Epilogus / Incantatam Maresia) 01:46   instrumental
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Read This one's for the pervs. 97% PseudoGoatKill April 25th, 2005
Read Under the Moonspell 83% Silmaril May 25th, 2003

All music by Moonspell.

Repressed by Adipocere Records in 2001 with some slight differences in the booklet.
There's also a picture disc (by Painkiller Records) and a normal edition in 12'' vinyl.

Recording information:

Recorded between December '93 e.v. & January '94 e.v. in Edit Studio.
Mixed by Jorge Adónis & Moonspell.
Produced by Quim Monte.


Barcode: 4001617015223

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