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Rehearsal 9 - Unpure Desires of Diabolical Lust


Release date:
December 1996
Catalog ID:
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Side A
1. Remains of Painful Memories 08:06  
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2. Under the Wings of a Wind Diabolic 06:47  
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3. Under the Abyssic Black Wings of the Third Antichrist 08:06  
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4. Night of the Incubus 06:46  
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5. Unpure Desires of Diabolical Lust 04:06  
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6. Into the Castle on the Blood-Rocks 07:27  
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Side B
7. The Curse of the Warlord 08:43  
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8. Forgotten Spells in the Forests Nocturnal 06:32   Show lyrics
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9. Thor - The Powerhead (Manowar cover) 05:00   Show lyrics
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10. To Kiss the Timeless Eternity 07:28  
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11. Looking in the Eyes Infernal 06:14  
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12. Supreme Black Forces of Steel 04:56   Show lyrics
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Occulta Mors All instruments
Gaamalzagoth Vocals
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All songs were recorded during October-December 96.

Some covers (like the one on the pic) have the third track named "Under The Abyssic Black Wings Of The Third Angel" instead of "Under The Abyssic Black Wings Of The Third Antichrist".

Recording information:

Recorded during october - December 1996

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