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Rehearsal 8 - Conquering the Ravenland


Release date:
June 1996
Catalog ID:
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Side A
1. Born to Live in the Shadow of Damnation 08:29   Show lyrics
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2. Conquering the Ravenland 07:34  
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3. Claws of Fog 10:15  
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4. Under a Malicious Shade 07:07  
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5. Forgotten Pride of My Ancestors Cult 08:01  
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Side B
6. Blood, Fire, Death (Bathory cover) 11:27   Show lyrics
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7. A Forgotten Vision of War 04:27  
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8. Show Me Your Wrath 06:00  
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9. First Snow - First Blood 07:48  
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10. Bells of Apocalypse 07:03   Show lyrics
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11. I Hail the Night 07:30   Show lyrics
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Occulta Mors All instruments
Gaamalzagoth Vocals
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All songs by Moonblood except track 6 by Bathory.
Most mp3 versions of this rehearsal are false. In fact, many just use the tracks from Rehearsal 7 and change the names of the songs.

Recording information:

Recorded during April - June 1996.

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