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Moloch - Traumklänge und Klagelieder
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Traumklänge und Klagelieder


Boxed set
Release date:
March 25th, 2008
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
W.A.R. Productions
9 copies
None yet
1. Meine alte Melancholie CDR  
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2. Humane Too Sheeps/Heim-Dallr CDR  
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3. Unreleased Tracks CDR  
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4. Inhuman teorier CDR  
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5. Video DVD  
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6. Runenwald/Blut und Ehre/The End of This Planet/Khvorost CDR  
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7. Blacker than Darkness/Rotten Threads of Life/Uralte Stille CDR  
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8. Isa CDR  
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9. Nachwirkung Suicid CDR  
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10. Traurer CDR  
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11. Schicksalswinde B-CARD CDR  
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12. Multimedia carddisc TAPE  
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Miscellaneous staff
Sergiy Fjordsson Mastering, Mixing
Hugin Cover art
Sergiy Fjordsson Mastering, Mixing
Hugin Cover art
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Recording information:

  • CD1: Moloch "Meine alte melancholie"
    1-Unsere melancholie
    2-Urd, Verdandi, Skuld
    6-Todesstille der Vorhersagen
    7-Melancholie 17.06.06
    8-Dornige ewigkeit
    9-Die Sehnsucht

  • CD2: Moloch "Humane too sheeps"
    1-By the brand of fate 665,9
    2-Stink of ulcerlife

  • CD3: Unreleased Traks:
    1-berkana (remixed by B-Machina)
    2-die sehnsucht (alte version)
    3-nebelklang (alte version)
    4-todesstille der vorhersagen (alte version)
    5-algiz (part ll. alte version)
    6-dornige ewigkeit (alte version)
    7-hail black metal krieg (part ll)
    8-rotten armful of grey thoughts (alte version)
    9-rotten armful of grey thoughts (alte version ll)
    10-throught halo of fire brands (alte version)
    11-in the woods..
    12-sturm of Aryan winds (alte version)
    13-ruf aus dem walt (alte version)
    14-pest aus gefuhlen der traurigkeit (alte version)
    15-pest aus gefuhlen der traurigkeit (rehearsal)
    16-pest aus gefuhlen der traurigkeit (rehearsal ll)
    17-morast (rehearsal)
    18-throught black branches of the dead woods
    19-by the grey-silver ashes of death
    20- Das ist in Vergessenheit geraten (alte version)

  • CD4: "Inhuman teorier"
    1-Jormungang (Part l)
    2-Jormungang (Part ll)
    3-Jormungang (Part lll)
    4-Jormungang (Part lV)
    5-Jormungang (Part V)

    1-Pest aus gefuhlen der traurigkeit
    2-Pest aus gefuhlen der traurigkeit (Versionen 2)
    3-Pest aus gefuhlen der traurigkeit (Versionen 3)
    5-Ruf aus dem wald
    7-By the raw of eternal aspiration
    8-Morast (rehearsal fragment)
    (this vcd comes in separated dvd box)

  • CD6: Splits:
    "Runenwald" split with DOG
    3-Runenwald (Part ll)
    4-Algiz (Part ll)
    5-Meine Blut (Part lll)
    "Blut und ehre" split with DEVIATOR
    6-Dunkelkrieg 1539
    8-Meine Blut
    9-Meine Blut (Part ll)
    10-Nordisch Steig
    "The end of this planet" split with S.J.G.
    11-Part fff-l
    12-Part fff-ll
    13-Part fff-lll
    14-Part fff-lV
    "Khvorost" split with URUK-HAI/LUTEN'/AD NOCTUM 2.007 a.y.p.s.
    16-By the winds the pain give born on the way
    17-On overgroved paths

  • CD7: Demos:
    "Blacker than darkness"
    1-Intro (Silent in thepity..)
    2-Throught halo of fire-brands
    3-Throught halo of fire-brands (without pain and pity)
    4-Cold shadows of the lost woods
    5-Birth in the depth of blackness
    6-Outro (On the ground, by blood..)
    "Rotten threads of life"
    7-By the raw of eternal aspiration/Rotten threads of life/Thorny spheres of being/Throught time and burben/Brand of the scorn of fate
    "Uralte stille"
    8-Ruf aus dem wald
    9-Pest aus gefuhlen der traurigkeit
    11-Give Wotan at mine kirke var braendt

  • CD8: "Isa"
    1- poison (part l)
    2- poison (part ll)
    3- poison (part lll)
    4- poison (part lV)
    5- poison (part V)
    6- poison (part Vl)
    7- poison (part Vll)
    8- poison (part Vlll)

  • CD9: "Nachwirkung Suicid"
    1-Traurig selbstsucht
    2-Traurig selbstsucht (Part ll)
    3-Suicidal nachwelt
    4-Suicidal nachwelt (Part ll)

  • CD10: "Traurer"
    2-Hail Black Metal Krieg!!
    3-Rotten armful of grey thoughts
    4-Throught halo of fire-brands (BulgAryan version)
    5-Ruf aus dem Wald
    6-Give Wotan at mine Kirke var Braendt
    8-Pest aus Gefuhlen der Traurigkeit
    9-Birth in the depth of blackness
    10-Throught halo of fire-brands
    12-Cold shadows of the lost woods

Multimedia b-card CDR with:
1.Handwritten lyrics
2.Exclusive photo
4.Exclusive track: MOLOCH remixed by B-Machina "Palast der Sturme"
5.Nature Photos

Tape: "Schicksalswinde"
(MOLOCH remixed by B-MACHINA)
following MOLOCH Tracks are used for remixes:
-By the winds the pain give born on the way
-On overgroved paths
On B side of this tape are the remastered versions of all 3 Tracks


Big black boxset incl.:
- 9 CD's in ancient sackcloth with colour pro-printed inlays
- 1 DVD in white plastic case with colour pro-printed cover
- 1 Tape in plastic case with colour pro-printed cover
- carddisc in plastic envelope with colour pro-printed cover
- 2 black/white pro-printed inlay cards with track lists
- some magnetic cards in two versions
- some pro-printed logo postcards
All this things packed in boxsed with straw.

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