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Moloch > Spectral Shades of the Spiritual Negativism
Moloch - Spectral Shades of the Spiritual Negativism
Moloch discography (misc)
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Stiller Schrei des Winters (2002-2012)
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Abstrakter Wald

Spectral Shades of the Spiritual Negativism


Release date:
April 19th, 2012
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Cold Woods Productions
500 copies
None yet
1. Einklang 00:31   instrumental
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2. Depressive Visionen eines sterbenden Horizonts 06:12   Show lyrics
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3. Die letzten Strahlen der Sonne verblassen in der Kälte der Apathie 07:40   Show lyrics
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4. Nebelwald 03:34   instrumental
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5. Untitled II 02:43   instrumental
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6. Cold Shadows of the Lost Woods 01:45   instrumental
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7. Stille 01:01  
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8. Das Leben ist wie ein verwundeter Vogel der langsam vom Himmel fällt 03:54   Show lyrics
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9. E.Khu 03:49   Show lyrics
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10. Ein düsterer Winter kommt I 04:38   Show lyrics
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11. Ein düsterer Winter kommt II 04:50   Show lyrics
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12. In dorniger Finsternis wurde der Weltenschmerz geboren 07:28   Show lyrics
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13. Philosophie der Depression 05:01   Show lyrics
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14. Die Menschheit ist nichts ohne der Natur 03:48   Show lyrics
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15. Dark Side of Human Depression 02:54   instrumental
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16. Throught Halo of Fire-brands (BulgAryan version) 05:05   Show lyrics
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17. Winterstürme des Wahnsinns 02:33   instrumental
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18. Ljosalfaheimr 04:54  
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19. Vanaheimr 01:05  
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20. Ausklang 00:48   instrumental
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Band members
Sergiy Fjordsson All instruments, Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Sergiy Fjordsson Mastering, Photography, Cover art, Mixing
Sergiy Fjordsson All instruments, Vocals
Sergiy Fjordsson Mastering, Photography, Cover art, Mixing
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This release is a compilation of old, rare and most important tracks from 10 years Moloch activity. Some kind of "best off compilation" for Asian territory.

Issued in a jewel case with an 8-page booklet. CD booklet has a mistake; the title on the front reads "Specteal Shades of the Spiritual Negativism" due to an error. Due the bad quality of print only 50 copies of first press exist, the rest were destroyed. This edition has china translated lyrics in boolet.. Words "Spectral Shades of the Spiritual Negativism" on the front are printed by silver color.

Track origins:
Tracks 1/20 Taken from “Selbstisolation” picture 7’EP 2012
Tracks 2/3/8 Taken from “Isolation der Essenz” full-length 2010
Track 4 is a Unreleased track 2010
Track 5 Taken from “Visionen einer Ewigkeit” demo 2010
Track 6 Taken from “Чернее чем тьма” demo 2004
Track 7 Taken from “Cold War Plague” split 7’EP 2011
Track 9 is a Unreleased track 2011
Track 10/11 Taken from “Ein düsterer Winter kommt” 7’EP
Tracks 12/13/14 Taken from “Der Schein des schwärzesten Schnees ” full-length 2011
Track 15 Taken from “On the Stub of Fate New Life will not Grow” split 2009
Track 16 Taken from “Traurer” full-length 2008
Track 17 is a Unreleased track 2009)
Track 18/19 Taken from “A journey to the Vyrdin” full-length 2008


Barcode: 9787886066252

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