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Eine tote Erinnerung an den kahlen Boden


Release date:
May 11th, 2010
Catalog ID:
Northern Lights Productions
77 copies
None yet
1. Schmerz und Leere werden immer ein Teil von mir sein 17:18   instrumental
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2. Microcosmos 17:05   instrumental
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3. ..Why My Soul in Coldness 03:44   instrumental
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4. Melancholie 25.01.2009 04:46   instrumental
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5. Nachtfrostmelancholie 07:13   instrumental
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6. Echo sterbender Regentropfen 01:23   instrumental
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7. Herbsttraurigkeit in der Dunkelheit eines leeren Firmaments 03:20   instrumental
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8. Skuld's Tränen 08:16   instrumental
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9. Es ist meine Traurigkeit 02:29   instrumental
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10. Unsere melancholie 05:03   instrumental
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11. Illa Tidandi (Burzum cover) 01:42   instrumental
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12. Dornige ewigkeit (version 2008) 04:14   instrumental
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Miscellaneous staff
Sergiy Fjordsson Cover art, Mastering, Mixing, Photography
Sergiy Fjordsson Cover art, Mastering, Mixing, Photography
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Tape with b/w pro-cover inlay. Few copies that were distributed via band had crossed-logo on the cover, because of internal conflicts between the founder of the label and Sergiy.

Recording information:

Tracks 1/4 - taken from upcoming full-length 2010 "Der Schein des schwдrzesten Schnees"
Track 10 - taken from full-length 2007 "Meine alte melancholie"
Track 2 - taken from full-length 2008 "A journey to the Vyrdin"
Track 7 - taken from full-length 2008 "Misanthropie ist der einzige Weg zur Reinheit"
Tracks 5/6/9/12 - taken from upcoming full-length 2010 "Wo die Natur leise weint"
Track 3 - taken from split 2009 with Begotten/Deviator “On the Stub of Fate New Life will not Grow”
Tracks 8- taken from upcoming split 2010 with Uruk-Hai “Iron Age”
Track 11 - is a remastered track from demo 2008 "Verdandi"

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