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Depression of Surtr


Release date:
February 2nd, 2009
Label: Records
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1. Gates of spiritual Vyrdin 00:55   instrumental
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2. Ljosalfaheimr 04:53   Show lyrics
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3. Svartalfaheimr 02:24   Show lyrics
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4. Asaheimr 04:29   Show lyrics
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5. Jotunheimr 02:55   instrumental
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6. Helheimr 02:01   Show lyrics
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7. Vanaheimr 01:04   Show lyrics
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8. Elivagr 03:03   instrumental
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9. Echoes of Nidd 03:39   Show lyrics
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10. Depression of Surtr 05:03   Show lyrics
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11. Die alte Essenz einer inzwischen toten Welt 05:26   Show lyrics
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12. Sylgr Form Essence 06:07   Show lyrics
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13. Сквозь зарево углей 07:21   Show lyrics
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14. Сквозь зарево углей (BulgAryan version) 05:05   Show lyrics
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15. Лунная Кровь 03:49   Show lyrics
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16. Hail Black Metal Krieg (Part ll) 03:12   Show lyrics
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17. Гнилий оберемок сивих думок 04:32   Show lyrics
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18. En As I Dype Skogen (Darkthrone cover) 03:24   instrumental
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19. Illa Tidandi (Burzum cover) 01:42   instrumental
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Miscellaneous staff
Pr. Sergiy Fjordsson Mastering, Mixing, Cover art, Photography
Pr. Sergiy Fjordsson Mastering, Mixing, Cover art, Photography
Read Have a look at Moloch 85% Wargnattallfihrr April 21st, 2009
CD version by Records (Usa) Limited to 1000 copies.

Tape version by The Kether Crown Production (Russia) Limited to 350 copies
Release date: 29.05.2009

In 2010 released as Tape, limited 100 copies at Whispers of Death Records (Germany). Highly quality black Tape with gold print and yellow snap box.

Tracks 1 – taken from upcoming full-length 2.009 “Der Schein des schwärzesten Schnees“
Tracks 2/3/4/5/6/7/18 – taken from “A Journey to the Vyrdin” full-length 2.008
Tracks 8/9/10/12 – unreleased tracks 2.008
Track 11 - taken from upcoming 12"LP vinyl split "Iron Age" with Uruk-Hai (Austria)
Tracks 13/14/15/17– taken from “Traurer” full-length 2.007
Track 16- taken from “Archives” best of../comp 2.008
Track 19 – is a remastered track from “Verdandi” demo 2.008
Track 12 - was be incl. in free download compilation "Voices from the underground. Vol l" uner a name "Elite Suicidal Spiritual Art"

Original titles of tracks 13/14/15 in Russian
Original title of track 17 in Ukrainian
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