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Abstrakter Wald


Release date:
May 10th, 2012
Catalog ID:
North 010
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Glorious North Productions
100 copies
2 reviews (avg. 53%)
Side A
1. Abstrakter Wald I 11:07   instrumental
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2. Abstrakter Wald II 06:42   instrumental
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3. Abstrakter Wald III 07:33   instrumental
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4. Abstrakter Wald IV 06:07   instrumental
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5. Abstrakter Wald V 07:51   instrumental
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Side B
6. Wo die Winde für immer weinen 08:03   instrumental
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7. Berge umhüllt von uraltem Nebel 06:26   instrumental
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Band members
Sergiy Fjordsson All instruments
Miscellaneous staff
Sergiy Fjordsson Photography, Cover art, Design, Mastering
Sergiy Fjordsson All instruments
Sergiy Fjordsson Photography, Cover art, Design, Mastering
Read Abstract...Abstract...Yeah... 20% contactsource April 24th, 2014
Read Abstrakter Wald 85% jimstayahead1 May 29th, 2012

Recording information:

Album based on the field recordings that were made in Winter 2010 at close live ritual MOLOCH with Saturn Form Essence (Space Drone Ambient from Ukraine. A project of Sergiy Fjordsson), Gjollheimr (Raw Black Metal / Dark Ambient from Ukraine), Anu (Ritual Dark Ambient from Ukraine) and Silver Sphere Moon (Ritual Folk Ambient from Ukraine. A project of Sergiy Fjordsson) in Carpathian Mountains with temperature -10/15c. Recorded on analog 2’inch Tape recorder with mic and then re-mastered at Moloch studio. All music written and recorded by Sergiy Fjodsson. Original live demo (tracks 1-5) were spread to a select few members (a old cassette with 1 long track. Unmastered and uncut. Just a few copies were exist). Track 1-5 (and track "Abstrakter Wald Vl") is a remastered parts of the very long original live recorded track "Abstrakter Wald" (track that Sergiy played on ritual). Tracks 6/7 is a bonus tracks taken from split CD with TOMHET (but with German names here).

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