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Misery > A Necessary Evil
Misery - A Necessary Evil
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Astern Diabolus

A Necessary Evil


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Velvet Urge
1 review (avg. 90%)
1. Lifeless 03:20  
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2. Inverted Prophet 04:13  
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3. Born Dead 04:17  
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4. H.I.V. 05:02  
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5. Septic Octopus 04:39  
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6. I Endure 04:10  
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7. Body Farm 04:10  
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8. Social Cancer 03:58  
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9. Sorting of the Insects 02:36  
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10. Misery 04:02  
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Read A Necessary Album. 90% Skovils July 8th, 2011

'Septic Octopus' and 'I Endure' are taken directly from the 'Astern Diabolis' demo.

The CD tracklisting has a printing error that reverses "Social Cancer" and "Body Farm." The correct tracklisting is shown here.

Re-released on vinyl by The Crypt in April, 2013. It comes on two160 gram blood red vinyl limited to 300 copies and 200 copies black vinyl, all presented in a 350 gram triple gatefold jacket with a UV gloss varnish and completed with original classic artwork, unpublished photos, new liner notes, and including a huge 24" x 36" poster of the cover artwork.
Included as a bonus on this set is the only track from the "Astern Diabolus" demo that was not included on the original CD - "Morbid Dreams", as well as the 1992 "Sorting of the Insects" demo tracks.

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