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Les Hymnes d'une Sagesse Ancienne

Altus Verum / Milice

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1. Altus Verum - Ave Versus Christus 03:45  
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2. Altus Verum - Death of Nero 02:56  
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3. Altus Verum - Aux Enfers 03:02  
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4. Altus Verum - Baneful Reflections of a New God 03:18  
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5. Milice - Redneck Holocaust pt.2 02:55  
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6. Milice - La Mort Perpétuel 04:04  
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7. Milice - Papercut Bible Fuck 03:43  
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8. Milice - La Forêt Éternelle 05:59  
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Altus Verum
B33920 All Instruments, Vocals
Alexandre Tremblay Drums, Percussion
Morbide Lugubre Tuetoi Guitars
Sabin Vocals
Mathieu Vocals
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This split was released in 2010 under the name Perpetual Mortum.It was released on tape by Misanthropic Art Productions. Re-released in 2012 on cd as Milice and added another song, La Forêt Éternelle. The name of the split was changed from "Hymns of Ancient Wisdom" to "Les Hymnes d'une Sagesse Ancienne" for the 2012 re-release, and also some of the Milice tracks were re-named as well.

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