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Mesmerize - Tregenda
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Release date:
September 1993
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Ragnarok 04:43   Show lyrics
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2. Tregenda 04:06   Show lyrics
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3. Yallarua 05:36   Show lyrics
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4. Sciamachy 05:52   Show lyrics
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5. La Morte 03:20   Show lyrics
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6. Our Time Will Come 04:17   Show lyrics
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This demotape shows the great evolution of the band's skill in composition and arrangement of the songs since the first work. Sound quality is also far better, as it was recorded in a studio with a 8-tracks digital recorder. The style is essentially heavy metal-based, though there remain some different atmospheres, and begins to be more personal. While the tape was welcomed by magazines with very good reviews, the band promoted it with a series of concerts in north Italy.
The tape was printed in 1000 copies with a colour cover, and only a few are left.
Ragnarök was the only song to make it to the debut CD.

Released under the bandname The Mesmerizers.

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