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Contradictions Collapse


Release date:
May 1991
Catalog ID:
NB 049 CD
Nuclear Blast Records
4 reviews (avg. 88%)
1. Paralyzing Ignorance 04:28   Show lyrics
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2. Erroneous Manipulation 06:21   Show lyrics
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3. Abnegating Cecity 06:31   Show lyrics
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4. Internal Evidence 07:27   Show lyrics
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5. Qualms of Reality 07:10   Show lyrics
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6. We'll Never See the Day 06:03   Show lyrics
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7. Greed 07:06   Show lyrics
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8. Choirs of Devastation 04:00   Show lyrics
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9. Cadaverous Mastication 07:32  
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Fredrik Thordendal Guitars, Vocals
Peter Nordin Bass, Vocals
Jens Kidman Vocals (lead), Guitars
Tomas Haake Drums, Vocals
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Was originally titled '(All This Because of) Greed'.

Originally Released in Vinyl, Cd and Cassette
CD and MC bonus track:
9. Cadaverous Mastication (7:32)

Re-released in a digipack with the None EP in 1998 (minus the song "Aztec Two-Step").

Bonus tracks for Japan:
10. Sickening (5:47)
11. Gods of Rapture (5:11)
12. Aztec Two-Step (3:36)

Reloaded Edition housed in a Super Jewel Box released in 2008 by Nuclear Blast Records. It contains the following bonus tracks:
10. Humiliative
11. Sickening
12. Ritual
13. Gods of rapture

A music video for "Abnegating Cecity" was made.


Barcode: 7 27361 60142 3

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