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Mercyful Fate > Demo #2
Mercyful Fate - Demo #2
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Demo #2

Mercyful Fate

Release date:
April 1981
Catalog ID:
None yet
Side A
1. Walking Back to Hell 05:53   Show lyrics
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2. Running Free 03:17   Show lyrics
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3. You Asked for It 04:19   Show lyrics
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4. Hard Rocker 03:27  
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5. Love Criminals 08:55  
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"Walking Back to Hell" later became "A Dangerous Meeting".
"Running Free" is actually "Killed for Love", originally from Danger Zone.
"You Asked for It" later became the b-side "Black Masses".
"Hard Rocker" is actually "Not Amusing", another Danger Zone's song.
"Love Criminals" was a song from their days as Brats, but was later transformed/recycled into "Into the Coven". It's not on the demo according to the official site, but several fansites list it.

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