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The Awakening


Release date:
February 1990
Catalog ID:
Deathlike Silence
8 reviews (avg. 92%)
1. Pure Hate 03:27   Show lyrics
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2. Souls of the Dead 02:58   Show lyrics
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3. The Awakening 03:09   Show lyrics
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4. Dreadful Fate 02:45   Show lyrics
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5. Realm of the Dark 03:51   Show lyrics
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6. Dying World 04:16   Show lyrics
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7. Bestial Death 02:24   Show lyrics
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8. Denied Birth 04:00   Show lyrics
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Karlén Bass
Stipen Drums
Erik Guitars
Rogga Vocals
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The first release of Deathlike Silence.
Catalogue Number: DSP ANTI-MOSH 001
Both LP and CD limited to 1000 copies.

Recorded in summer 1989.

The painting in the cover art was also used by Sacred Crucifix for the demo "Realms of Darkness" in 1989, one year prior to the release of "The Awakening", as well as two years later by Monastery for their EP "The Process - Church of the Final Judgement".

- Osmose Productions reissued it in 1999 with a slightly different cover (yellow artwork) and four bonus live tracks:
9. Bestial Death (02:18)
10. The Awakening (03:08)
11. Nuclear Attack (02:24)
12. Pure Hate (03:10)
- An LP reissue also exists. The above mentioned live tracks are on a bonus EP.
- The Osmose CD version has a misprint on the spine: "Mercilenss".
- Reissued a second time by Osmose Productions on December 1, 2009.
- Reissued on 2011 by Temple of Darkness Records in LP and Picture LP (by first time).

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