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Your Blessened


Release date:
Slap a Ham Records
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1. Your Blessened 05:31   Show lyrics
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2. Pronoun Piece Me 03:06  
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8`` flexi Slap A Ham #2
1st edit. 1000
clear wax orange cover
clear wax white cover
clear wax yellow cover
2nd yellow wax blue cover edit. 1000
3rd edit. 1000
red wax green cover
red wax red cover
red wax yellow cover

A: Your blessened (recorded 2/4/1989 live at Gilman - San Francisco, CA)
Pronoun piece me (recorded 2/1/1986 at C/Z � same session as 10 songs cd)
Note: both songs are on side A because this is a one sided 8� flexi disk

Line up: Buzz � guitar
Dale � drums
Lori � bass(Your Blessened)
Matt - bass(Pronoun Piece Me)

Cover: 1st pressing has a picture of Buzz in childhood years
2nd and 3rd pressings have a picture of Dale in childhood years
Note: Xeroxed cover on white, yellow, blue and red paper
Notes: The 3rd pressing was supposed to have a cover with a picture of Lori in childhood years but that never happened
Most records came with 1 or 2 free �MELVINS� logo sticker
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