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10 Songs


Release date:
C/Z Records
None yet
1. Easy as It Was 02:56   Show lyrics
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2. Now a Limo 01:01   Show lyrics
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3. Grinding Process 02:42   Show lyrics
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4. #2 Pencil 03:16   Show lyrics
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5. At a Crawl 03:08   Show lyrics
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6. Disinvite 01:28   Show lyrics
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7. Snake Appeal 01:43  
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8. Show Off Your Red Hands 03:02  
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9. Over from the Underground 02:27  
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10. Crayfish 03:06  
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Compilation of the band's early recordings from 1986. Due to the fact that this was recorded in 1986, it is sometimes referred to as the first Melvins album, but obviously, this is incorrect.

On vinyl, it is titled "8 Songs" (also released in 1991), not containing the last two tracks.

Re-released in 2003 as the first half of "26 Songs".
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