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In Peace..?


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Matek Records
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1. Down and Fall 03:48   Show lyrics
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2. Innocent Peace 04:31   Show lyrics
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3. This Time 04:14   Show lyrics
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4. Doncha Feel the Sky? 03:52   Show lyrics
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5. Pizza Song 02:40   Show lyrics
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6. Mindrape 03:55  
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7. Scars 04:43   Show lyrics
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8. Burning 04:24   Show lyrics
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9. Knife in a Back 03:58   Show lyrics
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Read ...oh my! What has... 35% natrix February 11th, 2007

Guitar solos:
1, 2, 3, 7, 8 - Pavel G.
4, 9 - Yuri Rusakov
8 - Nikolai T.
Keyboards : Sergey Bondarenko
Acoustic guitar : Nikolai T.
Saxophone : Alexander Mamonov

Recorded at ``Signal Studio`` by Valery Muzyka.
Mixed at ``MELISSA Studio`` by Valery Muzyka, assisted by Nick T.
Music written by Nick T. except track 7 by Nick T. and Paul G. and track 5 by Alexander A., Nick T. and Sergey O.
Vocals on track 5 by Nick T. and Alexander A.
Bass guitar on track 4 by Paul G.
All lyrics by Nick T.
Produced by Nick T. and MELISSA
Recorded and mixed digitally in February/March '98, Obninsk.

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