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Upon the World


Release date:
April 26th, 2004
Catalog ID:
Massacre Records
None yet
1. Design for Life 05:14  
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2. The Vision 05:42  
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3. Dream On 06:20  
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4. Divina Comedia 04:04  
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5. Face of a Demon 05:31  
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6. Upon the World 03:56  
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7. Can You Tell 06:08  
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8. Voices 04:30  
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9. In Death 04:44  
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Band members
Stefan Berg Guitars
Jonas Edström Bass
Ola Grönlund Drums
Jan Larsson Keyboards
Apollo Papathanasio Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Mike Wead Producer
Mike Wead Producer
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Tracklist on the back cover of the International Massacre Records release is wrong and taken from the Japanese edition without listing the 2 bonus tracks. Correct CD running order for the Massacre Records edition is shown here.

Japanese edition released Feb. 25th 2004 by Soundholic has a different tracklist (the one the Massacre Records edition claims to have) and contains 2 bonus tracks:

01. Divina Comedia (04:15)
02. The Vision (05:45)
03. Dream On (06:17)
04. Upon the World (03:56)
05. Face of a Demon (06:04)
06. Can You Tell (06:41)
07. Voices (04:30)
08. Design for Life (05:05)
09. In Death (04:38)
10. Saviour of the Damned (06:20) *
11. Forza Furioso (01:55) *

This time the Japanese edition only marks track 11 "Forza Furioso" a bonus track although track 10 is exclusive to the Soundholic release too.
Also, a couple of tracks fade earlier while others run longer than on the Massacre Records edition.

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