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Tyrants of Death


Release date:
March 2006
Catalog ID:
Iron Pegasus Records
1 review (avg. 62%)
1. Chamber of Ages 04:26   Show lyrics
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2. Clangor of War 02:31  
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3. From Beyond 04:57   Show lyrics
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4. Symbolic Immortality 03:32   Show lyrics
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5. Cryptic Realms 04:11   Show lyrics
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6. Aggressive Tyrant 04:15  
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7. Death in Hell 02:55  
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8. Mutilated 03:30  
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9. Infestation of Death 03:01  
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10. Clangor of War 02:44  
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11. Aggressive Tyrant 05:07  
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12. Cryptic Realm 04:35   Show lyrics
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13. Perpetual Domination 03:58  
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14. The Traitor 05:04  
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15. Corpsegrinder (Death cover) 05:15   Show lyrics
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Read A time machine into terror 62% autothrall June 13th, 2011

Tracks 1-4: Demo 2 (''Chamber Of Ages'' demo)
Track 5: unreleased instrumental version
(recorded during the ''Chamber of Ages'' session)
Tracks 6-8: Demo 1 (''Aggressive Tyrant'' demo)
Tracks 9-14: live 25/5/1986 Rock City, Tampa
Track 15: live, bonus track recorded at the Rock City Tampa show

Liner notes include numerous rare photos/flyers from ex-bassist Michael Borders as well as interview excerpts from Michael and Kam's interviews with the Voices from the Darkside webzine. This release is officially endorsed by both Michael and Kam.

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