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Manilla Road

Release date:
February 29th, 2008
My Graveyard Productions
4 reviews (avg. 95%)
1. Tomb of the Serpent King / Butchers of the Sea 09:02   Show lyrics
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2. Frost and Fire 06:02   Show lyrics
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3. Tree of Life 08:00   Show lyrics
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4. Blood Eagle 06:11   Show lyrics
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5. Voyager 09:31   Show lyrics
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6. Eye of the Storm 04:40   Show lyrics
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7. Return of the Serpent King 08:04   Show lyrics
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8. Conquest 04:37   Show lyrics
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9. Totentanz (The Dance of Death) 07:57   Show lyrics
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Band members
Mark Shelton Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Cory Christner Drums
Harvey Patrick Bass, Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Jason Hepola Engineering
Marek Gregson Engineering
Derek (Dr. D) Brubaker Engineering
Richard (Thorgrim) Cathy Engineering
Troy Bates Engineering
Aaron Bagley Engineering
Cory "Hardcore" Christner Producer
Bryan "Hellroadie" Patrick Producer
Mattia "Tia" Nidini Layout
Mark "The Shark" Shelton Mixing
Markus Vesper Artwork
Harvey "The Crow" Patrick Producer
Mark Shelton Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Cory Christner Drums
Harvey Patrick Bass, Vocals
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All lyrics written by Mark Shelton.
All music written and arranged by Mark Shelton, Cory Christner and Harvey Patrick.

The album is based on a concept story written by Mark Shelton.

The album got also released as a FOC-2LP by High Roller Records in the following versions:

Black vinyl (350 copies)
Brown vinyl (350 copies)
Brown/yellow splatter vinyl (350 copies)

The vinyl versions contain the following bonus tracks on side 4:

1. Resurrection (Live)
2. Mystification (Live)
3. Divine Victim (Live)
4. Flaming Metal Systems (Live)

The live tracks have been recorded live at the Buddha in Brescia, Italy during the Play It Loud Festival by Marcone l'Urlatore.

Re-released on CD by Shadow Kingdom Records on February 18, 2014.
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