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Malignancy > Intrauterine Cannibalism
Malignancy - Intrauterine Cannibalism
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Intrauterine Cannibalism


Release date:
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United Guttural Records
4 reviews (avg. 93%)
1. Rotten Seed 03:16   Show lyrics
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2. Intrauterine Cannibalism 01:42   Show lyrics
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3. Intestinal Sodomy 02:22   Show lyrics
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4. Internal Corruption 01:48   Show lyrics
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5. Profitable Extinction 02:54   Show lyrics
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6. Ignorance Is Bliss 03:39   Show lyrics
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7. Your Life Is Shit 02:28   Show lyrics
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8. Oral Excrement 02:17   Show lyrics
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9. Waterlogged Corpse 03:29   Show lyrics
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10. Cerebral Tissue Extraction 02:29   Show lyrics
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11. Fried Afterbirth 01:44   Show lyrics
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12. Post Fetal Depression 02:19   Show lyrics
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13. Bag 03:20   Show lyrics
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Band members
Danny Nelson Vocals
Roger J. Beaujard Drums
Ron Kachnic Guitars
Desmond Tolhurst Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Juha Vuorma Artwork
Juha Vuorma Artwork
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On the first pressing the 2nd song "Intrauterine Cannibalism" is missing on the back of the cover, although there are 13 songs on the CD.

Re-released in 2013 by Goatlord Records on vinyl, limited to 300 copies. Includes sticker, liner notes and 11x17 poster signed by Danny Nelson and Ron Kachnic.
100 copies on Intrauterine Red (red/black splatter vinyl)
100 copies on Womb with a View (clear vinyl)
100 copies on Endometrial Slime (green vinyl)

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