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Malediction > The Tears That Precede Birth
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Shadows of Iniquity

The Tears That Precede Birth


Release date:
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1. Doctrines Eternal Circles 06:49  
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2. Framework of Contortion 04:05  
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3. Infestation 05:06  
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4. Murdered from Within 03:46  
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5. Longterm Result 04:04  
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6. Waste 02:28  
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7. And the Abyss Gaze Also 00:42  
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8. System Fear 05:26  
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9. Mould of an Industrial Horizon 02:14  
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10. Insect in the Infrastructure 04:49  
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11. Weeping Tears of Covetousness 05:43  
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This album was only circulating as an advance tape for a CD release through the underground via tape-trading but unfortunately never officially born...
The tracklist may vary as I saw two different versions, this one shown here and another having the first two tracks in order placed as tracks 10-11.

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at In-A-City Studio Bradford, England July 24th 1992. Produced by Malediction.

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