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Decoding the Soul

Magnitude 9

Release date:
January 13th, 2004
Catalog ID:
InsideOut Music
1 review (avg. 90%)
1. New Dimension 04:31   Show lyrics
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2. Lies Within the Truth 06:03   Show lyrics
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3. Facing the Unknown 05:16   Show lyrics
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4. To Find a Reason 05:28   Show lyrics
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5. Walk Through the Fire 04:50   Show lyrics
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6. Dead in Their Tracks 04:05   Show lyrics
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7. Changes 05:22   Show lyrics
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8. Torn 03:32   Show lyrics
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9. Thirty Days of Night 03:35   Show lyrics
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10. Sands of Time 03:31   Show lyrics
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Band members
Corey Brown Vocals
Rob Johnson Guitars
Ian Ringler Bass
John Homan Drums
Joseph Anastacio Glean Keyboards
Miscellaneous staff
Michael Vescera Producer
Michael Vescera Producer
Read You get the feeling of an... 90% CallerOfTheCthulhu July 9th, 2004

Produced by: Magnitude 9 & Michael Vescera

Japanese version was released December 23, 2003, through Avalon/Marquee. The Japanese version has a different trackl order, and a bonus track:

1. New Dimension
2. Walk Through the Fire
3. To Find a Reason
4. Lies Within the Truth
5. Torn
6. Facing the Unknown
7. The Sands of Time
8. Dead in Their Tracks
9. Thirty Days of Night
10. Changes
11. Relay Torque [*]


Barcode: 693723605425

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