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Mütiilation - Rattenkönig
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Release date:
January 14th, 2005
Catalog ID:
Ordealis Records
5 reviews (avg. 74%)
1. That Night When I Died 06:45   Show lyrics
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2. Testimony of a Sick Brain 04:57   Show lyrics
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3. The Bitter Taste of Emotional Void 07:33   Show lyrics
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4. Black Coma 04:17   Show lyrics
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5. The Pact (The Eye of the Jackal) 06:49   Show lyrics
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6. The Ecstatic Spiral to Hell 04:35   Show lyrics
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7. I, Satan's Carrion 05:24   Show lyrics
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8. Rattenkönig 07:22   Show lyrics
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Meyhna'ch Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming
Read Rattenkönig 70% Noctir September 30th, 2011
Read The Destroyer of Life 80% So_It_Is_Done June 16th, 2005
Read A very grim return 70% Foret_Noire May 31st, 2005
Read The pride of the LLN. 80% LordBelketraya May 24th, 2005
Read Somewhat of A Return To Form 70% funeral_inebriate January 14th, 2005

CD released in 2005 by Ordealis records, limitation unknown.
DPCD released in 2005 by Ordealis records as a quint fold digipack, that opens up into a inverted cross, limited to 1000 copies.

PLP released in 2006 by End All Life Productions, limitation unknown.
CD re-released by Dark Adversary Productions (R). Remixed !!

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