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Stick to Your Guns

Re-Recorded First Demo

Mötley Crüe

Release date:
May 1981
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Stick to Your Guns 04:46   Show lyrics
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2. Toast of the Town 03:21   Show lyrics
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3. Public Enemy Number One 04:21   Show lyrics
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4. Tonight 04:30   Show lyrics
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Vince Neil Vocals (lead)
Mick Mars Guitars
Nikki Sixx Bass, Vocals
Tommy Lee Drums, Vocals
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The whole point of this demo was to just have recordings done with Vince Neil as a part of the lineup.

At the time, Neil barely knew the songs so he read the lyrics off paper as he sang to them.
The sounds of paper rustling as he flips through lyrics pages can actually be heard in these recordings.

The song "Nobody Knows What It's Like to Be Lonely" was also recorded during this session. It was later rediscovered by Nikki Six around April, 2000. It was later made available as an audio extra on the 2001 DVD "Lewd, Crüed & Tattooed".

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