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Dër Mëkanïk Grööves


Release date:
June 6th, 2008
Catalog ID:
Duplicate Records
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1. Vöödöö 02:41  
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2. Dëvil's Mass 09:34  
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3. Prëdators 04:28  
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4. Mïrror Manïa 03:34  
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Candy Whorehole Bass, Guitars
Voldswagen Drums, Guitars
Sanrabb Guitars
Ötzy Guitars (lead)
Backstabbing Mongo Vocals
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The MCD was actually recorded in june 2000, but didn't see the light of day until june 2008 due to internal problems within the band.

"MËKANÏK" commented Voldswagen, "is something totally different from LYDIA LASKA, which is down and dirty punk. With MËKANÏK we have given free rein to our more psychedelic natures. I think you could best describe the sound as what could have been the result if a Black Metal band had taken acid with 70s proggers like Van Der Graaf Generator and then had had sex with Black Sabbath".

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