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Mägo de Oz

Release date:
November 2006
Catalog ID:
LM 370
Version desc.:
Locomotive Records
None yet
Disc 1
1. Resacosix en Hispania 04:25   Show lyrics
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2. Pijo, cómeme la polla 02:03   Show lyrics
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3. Pachamama 03:25   Instrumental
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4. Pensando en ti (Kansas cover) 04:28   Show lyrics
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5. Donde el corazón te lleve 05:43   Show lyrics
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6. Gracias a la sociedad (Apalao Seko cover) 06:09   Show lyrics
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7. Quijote y Sancho 06:35   Show lyrics
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8. Mari Tormes (Acoustic Version) 04:45   Show lyrics
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9. Molinos de viento (Acoustic Version) 05:04   Show lyrics
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10. El turno de la rosa 02:54   Show lyrics
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Disc 2
1. El que quiera entender... 06:04   Show lyrics
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2. Man on the Silver Mountain (Rainbow cover) 07:25   Show lyrics
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3. Strange World (Iron Maiden cover) 06:58   Show lyrics
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4. Whola Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin cover) 04:32   Show lyrics
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5. Ancha es Castilla (Metal Version) 03:54   Show lyrics
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6. Concierto para ellos (Barón Rojo cover) 06:19   Show lyrics
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7. Molinos de viento (Live at I Rock Machina Festival, 1999) 05:01   Show lyrics
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8. Finisterra (Live at La Riviera, 2001) 15:22   Show lyrics
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9. El cantar de la luna oscura (Live Mexico DF, 2004) 05:00   Show lyrics
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10. Pensando en ti (Live México DF. 2004) 05:22   Show lyrics
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Miscellaneous staff
Sergio Marcos Mastering
Sergio Marcos Mastering
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Released by Locomotive Records without the band's permission.

On disc 1:
- Track 1 taken from Rasocosix en Hispania Single, 1999 (Credits state it was from 2001).
- Tracks 2 & 3 taken from Finisterra Recording Sessions.
- Track 4 taken from El que quiera entender... que entienda Single, 2000. It is a cover version of Kansas' Dust in the Wind with Spanish lyrics.
- Track 5 taken from José Andrëa's solo album.
- Track 6 is a cover of Apalao Seko, released on a tribute album in 2005.
- Track 7 is a version of the main theme song of Don Quijote de la Mancha Cartoon aired in 1979. It was included in the V/A album Patitos Feos in 2002.
- Tracks 8 & 9 taken from Feliz Navidad ¡¡Cabrones!! Single, 1998.
- Track 10 is a cover of Stephen Endelman's Villagers Begin Building. It was adapted as a present for the radio show La rosa de los vientos, recorded in 2002 (Credits state it was from 2000) and released on a V/A CD called La rosa de los vientos (2004).

On disc 2:
- Track 1 is a radio edit, taken from El que quiera entender... que entienda Single (2000).
- Track 2 is a Rainbow cover taken from La danza del fuego Single (2001), featuring Doro Pesch.
- Track 3 is an Iron Maiden cover taken from Transilvania 666 tribute album (1999)
- Track 4 is a Led Zeppelin cover taken from The Music Remains the Same tribute album (2002).
- Track 5 taken from Rasocosix en Hispania Single, 1999 (Credits state it was from 2001).
- Track 6 is a Barón Rojo cover taken from Larga vida... al Volumen Brutal tribute album (2002).
- Tracks 7-10 are assored live recordings from 1999 to 2004; track 10 is, again, a cover version of Kansas' Dust in the Wind with Spanish lyrics.


Barcode: 972967008975

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