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Dead Silence


Release date:
March 26th, 2013
Catalog ID:
Metallic 020
Metallic Media
1000 copies
None yet
1. Intro 00:57   instrumental
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2. Oppressive Catastasis 01:24   Show lyrics
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3. Dead Silence 02:46   Show lyrics
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4. Outro 01:42   instrumental
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5. Vitutuken multihuipennus (Impaled Nazarene cover) 02:02   Show lyrics
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6. In Compassion to the Outcast (Ashen Light cover) 05:37   Show lyrics
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7. Lycanthropy - You'll Get a Hell (Savavovchenko Remix) 05:23  
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Band members
Gunner Guitars
Alex Furious Vocals
V Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Furious Artwork
Gunner Composer
Gunner Guitars
Alex Furious Vocals
V Bass
Furious Artwork
Gunner Composer
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Tracks 5, 6 are taken from the "Former Glory" EP (2010).
Track 7 is a separate remix, band have not participated in its creation.

Lycanthropy have also shot the debut video titled «Oppressive Catastasis» for this EP.
It was availible on the DVD bonus of the Ukrainian metal zine Terroraiser № 1(53) / 2013

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