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There Are Few Tomorrows for Feeding Our Worries


Release date:
October 31st, 2011
Catalog ID:
Music Ruins Lives
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1. I Hope You Miss Me Now, Because I Want You to Know How Much That Hurts 03:02  
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2. Worries and Weariness 02:12  
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3. Tobacco, Gin and Bile 02:33  
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4. Ghost Stories 02:01  
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5. All My Bitterness Is Just Regret 01:57  
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6. The Sweetest of the Sweet Dreams 03:15  
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7. To Make Things Good Again 02:34  
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8. There Are Few Tomorrows for Feeding Our Worries 03:37  
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9. You're Ash to Me 02:42  
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10. Dream Me Free 01:48  
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11. Clouded Eyes and Candlelights 02:35  
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12. Despair Will Hold a Place in My Heart, a Bigger One than You Do 02:39  
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13. ...For Just One Warm Day 04:22  
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Hand-numbered edition of 65 copies.

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