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Release date:
February 24th, 2007
Catalog ID:
THR 105
Total Holocaust Records
7 reviews (avg. 85%)
1. Förspel & intrång 01:30   instrumental
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2. Sweet Illness of Mine 03:14   Show lyrics
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3. I Love (To Hurt) You 04:03   Show lyrics
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4. En man i sina sämsta år 04:40   Show lyrics
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5. Dödens landsväg 03:52   Show lyrics
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6. Välkommen till Pulvercity 03:43   Show lyrics
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7. Saltvatten (Du + jag vs. Tellus) 03:40   Show lyrics
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8. Besatt 03:37   Show lyrics
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9. Höstdepressioner 03:56   Show lyrics
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10. Humörets bottenvåning 03:13   Show lyrics
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11. Museum of Past Affections 06:23   Show lyrics
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12. Nitlott 11:08   Show lyrics
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B (R.I.P. 2011) Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Piano, Lyrics
( ) Vocals (lead), Lyrics
1853 Vocals (additional), Lyrics
LR Vocals (additional), Speech
H. Guitars (rhythm)
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The title is Swedish for "Eroticism"

Track 12 contains the song "M/S Salmonella", from the band's previous album, Pulver, played in reverse.

Vinyl version released in October 2007 by Eternity Records and Blut & Eisen Productions. 500 copies, first 100 copies on red wax.

Re-issued by Osmose Productions on CD January 21th, 2009.

Song titles in English:
1. Foreplay & Penetration
4. A Man in the Worst Days of His Life
5. The Road of Death
6. Welcome to Powder City
7. Saltwater (You + Me vs. Tellus)
8. Possessed
9. Autumn Depressions
10. The Bottom Floor of Our Mood
12. Blank Lottery Ticket

Recording information:

Recorded September - December 2006, Stockholm, Sweden.

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