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For Those of the Blood

Legion of Doom

Release date:
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Hypervorea Records
4 reviews (avg. 82%)
1. Narjniians Eternal Winter 06:02  
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2. Sunrise of the Golden Dawn 03:34  
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3. For Those of the Blood 07:09  
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4. Ερινύες... δαίμωνες φτερωτοί 05:25  
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5. Messenger... 02:39  
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6. Κύρες 03:12  
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7. Το μυστικό του κοχυλιού 02:29  
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Band members
Daimon Bass, Vocals
Demogorgon Guitars
Aithir Drums
Miscellaneous staff
George Zacharopoulos Producer, Mixing
Daimon Bass, Vocals
Demogorgon Guitars
Aithir Drums
George Zacharopoulos Producer, Mixing
Read For Those of the Blood 75% Noctir January 30th, 2012
Read A cleaner edge cuts just as... 73% autothrall July 20th, 2011
Read Great music but tragically... 87% Noktorn April 14th, 2009
Read Very good nsbm from Greece. 92% Velimor January 26th, 2008


Released by Hypervorea Records (Limited to 500) and again by ISO666 Releases in 2005 as a standard jewelcase and later in 2007 as a A5 Digibook (Limited to 150).

Re-released by Zyklon-B Productions in 2006 as gatefold LP, pressed on white vinyl, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

Cover art on reissue by Gustave Doré.

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