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Cold Constructed

Lay Down Rotten

Release date:
April 18th, 2005
Remission Records
None yet
1. Murder Instinct 03:47   Show lyrics
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2. Let Me Be Your Suffering 04:13  
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3. Broken Minds Behind Wounded Faces 03:32  
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4. The Gutted Angel 04:23  
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5. Headshot Poetry 04:38  
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6. Cold Constructed Spheres 03:28  
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7. Human Remains Cargo 03:48  
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8. The Domination of Chaos 02:34  
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9. Cutting Deeper 03:51  
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10. Darkday (Edge of Sanity cover) 04:47   Show lyrics
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Recorded at Desert-Inn-Studio in Sinn-Edingen during July 2004.
Produced and mastered by T-Low Krieger and Lay Down Rotten
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