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Release date:
March 4th, 2005
Arise Records
1 review (avg. 43%)
1. L.Y.A.F.H. 04:26   Show lyrics
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2. Deserter 05:03   Show lyrics
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3. Dive in Open Waters 03:10   Show lyrics
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4. Freeman 04:16   Show lyrics
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5. M3 04:10   Show lyrics
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6. Face and Pay 05:27   Show lyrics
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7. Malcolm Grey 06:02   Show lyrics
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8. Nothing New 05:03   Show lyrics
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9. Infidels 05:55   Show lyrics
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10. Meanings 03:56   Show lyrics
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Band members
Roberto Tiranti Vocals
Andrea Cantarelli Guitars
Pier Gonella Guitars
Cristiano Bertocchi Bass
Mat Stancioiu Drums
Andrea de Paoli Keyboards
AC Wild Vocals (on bonus DVD)
AC Wild Vocals (on bonus DVD)
Read Labyrinth's Groovy Nu-Metal... 43% hells_unicorn May 28th, 2008
Limited Edition contains a DVD.
Bonus DVD includes live, videos, photos and extra.
DVD (Live In Tokyo)
01. Synthetic paradise
02. Living in a maze
03. Moonlight
04. Piece of time
05. The prophet
06. This world
07. Chapter 1
08. Neverending rest
09. Just soldier
10. Slave to the night
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