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Deliver Us from Evil

Kryst the Conqueror

Release date:
January 13th, 1990
Catalog ID:
Cyclopean Music
None yet
1. Thunder Thruster 03:57   Show lyrics
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2. In God We Trust 05:01   Show lyrics
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3. Trial of the Soul 03:51   Show lyrics
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4. March of the Mega-Mites 06:20   Show lyrics
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5. Spellbound 05:35   Show lyrics
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Band members
Mocavious Kryst, The Great Bass
Doyle Guitars
The Murp Drums
Kryst the Conqueror Vocals
Dave "The Snake" Sabo Guitar Solo on "Spellbound"
Kryst the Conqueror Vocals
Dave "The Snake" Sabo Guitar Solo on "Spellbound"
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An album's worth of material was recorded, but never actually released. The supposed tracklist of the album is this:
1. Kryst the Conqueror (4:07)
2. Thunder Thruster (3:57)
3. Wherever I Roam (3:23)
4. Valhalla (5:25)
5. Soldiers of Light (4:56)
6. Spellbound (5:35)
7. In God We Trust (5:01)
8. Night Raiders (4:24)
9. The Highlander (5:03)
10. In My Dreams (4:22)
11. March of the Mega-Mites (6:20)
12. Trial of the Soul (3:51)
13. Dr. Phibes Rises Again (6:41)

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