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King's X > Please Come Home... Mr. Bulbous
King's X - Please Come Home... Mr. Bulbous
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Please Come Home... Mr. Bulbous

King's X

Release date:
May 23rd, 2000
Catalog ID:
Metal Blade Records
1 review (avg. 97%)
1. Fish Bowl Man 04:28   Show lyrics
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2. Julia 03:39   Show lyrics
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3. She's Gone Away 04:37   Show lyrics
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4. Marsh Mellow Field 05:31   Show lyrics
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5. When You're Scared 04:26   Show lyrics
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6. Charlie Sheen 03:51   Show lyrics
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7. Smudge 03:53   Show lyrics
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8. Bitter Sweet 02:14   Show lyrics
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9. Move Me 04:58   Show lyrics
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10. Move Me (Part Two) 07:18   Show lyrics
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Band members
Jerry Gaskill Drums, Vocals
Ty Tabor Guitars, Vocals
Doug Pinnick Vocals, Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Ty Tabor Producer, Mixing, Recording
Jerry Gaskill Drums, Vocals
Ty Tabor Guitars, Vocals
Doug Pinnick Vocals, Bass
Ty Tabor Producer, Mixing, Recording
Read Quite possibly the greatest... 97% greenberger December 5th, 2013

Also released as limited edition 2CD with the bonus disc containing the CD-ROM video of "Then...".

A video (for "Smudge") is known to have been made for this album. Live footage was shot in Houston, TX by multiple cameras in the audience on 9.17.2000 for a possible live video release, no word yet on the project's completion or any future release date.
The band's 6.9.2000 show in Denmark was broadcast on P3 Danish Radio, many recordings of this show are available from the trading community (including the complete show).
The show on 6.30.2000 (@ the Podium in Hardenburg, Holland) was recorded by 3 cameras and direct from the soundboard on mini disc. No word on what was done with these recordings.
The band broadcast 2 internet feeds during the tour. The first was 7.11.2000 from the House of Blues Orlando. The video stream is currently still available at
The second broadcast was on 7.22.2000 from Webster Theater in Hartford, CT. Fans reported that this feed was horrendous (massive drop outs, bad sound) even though the band played a very extended set.
Many bumps in the road on the Bulbous Tour in the US. At one point Ty injured his neck and was playing in a chair with a neck brace! At other shows Ty was sick. In Nashville Dave Pate (Ty's tech) and Jerry were jumped by unknown individuals who merely were out having ``fun``. Karma will get you people... Bumps aside the band once again cris-crossed the world spreading the Bulbous gospel to the X faithful. The band also made their first ever appearances in Japan in October of 2000!
Here are the translations to the foreign language toungue twisters between songs on the album:
1) at the end of track 1: Acht-en-Tachtig-Prachtig-Grachten
This is Dutch: 88 (actentachtig) beautiful (prachtige) canals (gratchen)
2) at the end of track 3: Tonarino-Kyaku-Wa-Yoku-Kaki-Kuu-Kyakuda
This is Japanese: the next (tonari) visitor/guest/customer (kyaku) eat (kuu) persimmon (kaki) very much (yoku)
3) at the end of track 4: Zes-en-Zestig-Sinaas-Appel-Schillen
This is Dutch: 66 (zesenzestig) orange (sinaasappel) peels (schillen)
4) at the end fo track 5: Hottentotten-Tenten-Tentoonstellingen
This is Dutch: an exhibition of tents made by the Hottentots (the term ``Hottentot`` is somewhat offensive. The politically correct term is Nama)
5) at the end of track 6: Chikushou-Nante-Hidee-Sandoicchi-Da
This is Japanese: Damn (chikushou)! how stink (hidee) this sandwich (sandoicchi) is!

Recording information:

Recorded and written at Hound Pound Recording Studio and Alien Beans Studio between December '99 and January 2000


Barcode: 3984-14298-2

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