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Compelled by Fear


Release date:
January 1st, 1990
Catalog ID:
7 72627-2
Restless Records
2 reviews (avg. 61%)
1. Body Count 03:47   Show lyrics
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2. Enemy Within (Cycle of Insanity) 03:29   Show lyrics
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3. Faith Against Faith 04:24   Show lyrics
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4. Infected 03:10   instrumental
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5. Demise of Humanity 04:15   Show lyrics
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6. Status Nine 01:01   instrumental
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7. Frozen Refuge 04:17   Show lyrics
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8. A Fall from Grace 03:18   Show lyrics
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9. Altered Image 06:00   Show lyrics
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10. Compelled by Fear 04:43   Show lyrics
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Band members
Killjoy Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Rob "Wacko" Hunter Producer
Ed Repka Cover art
Killjoy Vocals
Rob "Wacko" Hunter Producer
Ed Repka Cover art
Read Competent thrash, compelled... 67% autothrall September 13th, 2010
Read Clearly Not One of... 54% DawnoftheShred June 2nd, 2007

Limited numbered edition released in 2001 by NewRenaissance Records
Limited to 1000 copies

Cover Artwork by Edward J. Repka

The tracklist omits the song "Altered Image", and lists "Backward Vocal Line" as the tenth track. "Backward Vocal Line" appears as a hidden track briefly after "Compelled by Fear."


Barcode: 018777262729

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