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Mightiest Hits


Release date:
January 31st, 2012
Catalog ID:
Scarlet Records
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1. Steel Maker (Previously Unreleased) 04:28   Show lyrics
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2. In Search of Kaledon 03:38   Show lyrics
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3. Desert Land of Warriors 05:34   Show lyrics
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4. The New Kingdom 04:30   Show lyrics
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5. A Frozen Dawn 04:54   Show lyrics
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6. Mighty Son of the Great Lord 05:41   Show lyrics
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7. Great Night in the Land 04:00   Show lyrics
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8. Clash of the Titans 04:34   Show lyrics
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9. New King of Kaledon 03:31   Show lyrics
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10. The End of the Green Power 04:19   Show lyrics
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11. The God Beyond the Man 04:54   Show lyrics
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12. Surprise Impact 04:20   Show lyrics
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13. Demons Away 05:42   Show lyrics
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Miscellaneous staff
Giuseppe Orlando Mixing
Massimiliano Pagliuso Mastering
Davide Nadalin Artwork
Ricky Andreoni Artwork
Goffredo Passi Photography
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Track 1 is a new song.
All the songs taken from the first 2 albums ("The Destruction", 2002 and "The King’s Rescue", 2003) have been re-recorded by the new line-up, the ones from the 3rd and 4th ("The Way of the Light", 2005 and "Twilight of the Gods", 2006, featuring Stratovarius’ Jörg Michael on drums) have been re-sang and re-mixed, and the ones from the latter 2 albums ("A New Era Begins", 2008 and "The Last Night on the Battlefield", 2010) have been re-mastered.

Also released as limited 2CD edition containing 11 very rare band demos:
1. In Search of Kaledon (Demo) (04:29)
2. Spirit of the Dragon (Demo) (04:07)
3. Thunder in the Sky (Demo) (04:15)
4. God Says Yes (Demo) (04:35)
5. Army of the Undead King (Demo) (04:17)
6. Desert Land of Warriors (Demo) (05:31)
7. God Says Yes (Demo) (04:34)
8. Thunder in the Sky (Demo) (04:04)
9. Desert Land of Warriors (Demo) (05:31)
10. Home (Demo) (06:21)
11. New Soldiers for a New Army (Demo) (04:39)
Total playing time: 52:23

1-3 taken from their 1999 "Spirit of the Dragon II" demo with Anthony Drago on vocals.
4-6 taken from their 2000 "God Says Yes I" demo with Anthony Drago on vocals.
7-9 taken from their 2001 "God Says Yes II" demo with Claudio Conti on vocals.
10-11 are previously unreleased demos with Claudio Conti on vocals.

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