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KTL - The Phantom Carriage: KTL Edition
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The Phantom Carriage: KTL Edition


Release date:
February 11th, 2008
Catalog ID:
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1. Första Avdelningen  
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2. Andra Avdelningen  
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3. Tredje Avdelningen  
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4. Fjärde Avdelningen  
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5. Femte Avdelningen  
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Written and produced January-July 2007. Stephen O\'Malley recorded at Aleph Studios, Seattle. Peter Rehberg recorded at Twisted Studio, Vienna. Mixed at Piethopraxis in Cologne, Germany, July 2007.

Limited edition of 2000 machine-numbered copies. Comes in a clear DVD-case with translucent cover, booklet insert and OBI-stripe.

This DVD contains the 1921 silent movie KÖRKARLEN (aka THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE), directed by Victor Sjöström with a brandnew accompaning score composed by KTL.

The score runs throughout the film, but is intercepted by the chapters of the film itself.

The main menue and the chapter menue feature drones and music by KTL as well.

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