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War of the Voivodes

Körgull the Exterminator

Release date:
September 1st, 2010
Catalog ID:
XM 088 CD
Xtreem Music
1 review (avg. 85%)
1. Raw War (intro) 01:29  
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2. The Path Towards Glory 03:17   Show lyrics
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3. Battle of the Voivodes 04:15   Show lyrics
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4. Sado Soldiers 04:09   Show lyrics
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5. Awaiting for Death's Embrace 05:37   Show lyrics
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6. Axe Thrash Attack 06:14   Show lyrics
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7. War Machine 04:56   Show lyrics
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8. Doom Song (Plasmatics) 05:57   Show lyrics
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9. Road Killer 03:46   Show lyrics
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10. For Total Holocaust 06:26   Show lyrics
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11. Kingdom of Darkness II 08:38   Show lyrics
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Band members
Joe Bastard Drums
Steel Maniac Bass
Mark Wild Guitars
Lilith "Hellslut" Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Javi Bastard Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
Javi Bastard Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
Read Yesssss, yessss, sssing... 85% autothrall November 19th, 2010

Cassette tape version released in 2011 by Infernal Kommando Records, limited to 250.

Re-released on double vinyl in April, 2014 by Doomentia Records, limited to:
- 400 copies on black vinyl
- 100 copies on green vinyl

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