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Young Eagle

Jute Gyte

Release date:
May 2010
Jeshimoth Entertainment
3 reviews (avg. 81%)
1. See the Abandoned Throng 05:50   Show lyrics
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2. Glory at Hand 11:13   Show lyrics
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3. The Wine-Halls Are Crumbling 08:58   Show lyrics
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4. What a Bird Bore Away Over the Deep Ocean 07:15   Show lyrics
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5. The Might of Ash Spears 10:34   Show lyrics
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6. Young Eagle 09:40   Show lyrics
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7. The Flower and the Chain 08:01  
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Read Better than ‘Old Ways’ … 69% oneyoudontknow August 5th, 2011
Read An exhilarating turn... 91% lord_ghengis July 23rd, 2010
Read This is the day of Your... 82% autothrall July 7th, 2010
Packaged in a DVD-style case.
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