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Judgement Day > Cir-Cum-Cis-Ion of the Mar-Tyr
Judgement Day - Cir-Cum-Cis-Ion of the Mar-Tyr
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Cir-Cum-Cis-Ion of the Mar-Tyr

Judgement Day

Release date:
Catalog ID:
EFFI 006
Effigy Records
None yet
1. Horror Pain 07:28  
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2. Daily Rituals 04:33  
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3. The Old Tree 07:55  
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4. Sexual Intercourse 05:35  
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5. Invincible Downfall 08:01   Show lyrics
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6. Clouds of Mordor 04:11  
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7. Pathology of Crowding 06:53  
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Re-released by Vic Records in October 2013, with bonus tracks on double CD.

Recording information:

Recorded at the Sandwijk studios in October 1995.

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