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Rocka Rolla

Judas Priest

Release date:
September 6th, 1974
Catalog ID:
GULP 1005
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
11 reviews (avg. 74%)
Side A
1. One for the Road 04:39   Show lyrics
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2. Rocka Rolla 03:02   Show lyrics
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3. Winter 03:02   Show lyrics
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4. Deep Freeze 01:56   instrumental
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5. Winter Retreat 01:32   Show lyrics
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6. Cheater 02:57   Show lyrics
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Side B
7. Never Satisfied 04:53   Show lyrics
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8. Run of the Mill 08:34   Show lyrics
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9. Dying to Meet You 06:18   Show lyrics
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10. Caviar and Meths 02:05   instrumental
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Band members
Bob Halford Vocals
Glenn Tipton Guitars
K. K. Downing Guitars
Ian Hill Bass
John Hinch Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Rodger Bain Producer
Vic Coppersmith-Heaven Engineering
Bob Halford Vocals
Glenn Tipton Guitars
K. K. Downing Guitars
Ian Hill Bass
John Hinch Drums
Rodger Bain Producer
Vic Coppersmith-Heaven Engineering
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Also available on various other re-releases (CD: Line Records, 1984 (different cover art); Repertoire Records, 1992). More recent reissues sport different cover art. A rare version of "Caviar and Meths" exists, which is about 10 minutes long and has Al Atkins on vocals.

Different versions of each track can be found on the "Hero, Hero" release which was remixed by Rodger Bain.

Many reissues of this album have another wrong splitting of the tracks "Winter", "Deep Freeze" and "Winter Retreat" starting and stopping at different places:
1. Winter (01:42)
2. Deep Freeze (01:20)
3. Winter Retreat (03:28)

US CD re-release (2000) released with "Winter / Deep Freeze / Winter Retreat / Cheater" as one track (09:30).

Snapper Music re-released this album in 2003 as a limited edition digipak (cat.-no. SDPCD124) containing the bonus track "Diamonds and Rust" (03:13). This recording was made in 1975 but was dropped by Roger Glover during production of "Sin After Sin" album, so Judas Priest was forced to re-record this cover song. The original "Diamond And Rust" cover also appears on the Repertoire Records re-release.

Track 1 by Downing & Tipton
Track 4 by Downing
Track 7 by Downing & Atkins
Tracks 2 & 8 by Halford, Downing & Tipton
Tracks 3 & 10 by Downing, Hill, & Atkins
Tracks 5, 6, & 9 by Halford & Downing

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