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Heavy Machinery


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Shrapnel Records
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1. Joint Ventures 05:48   instrumental
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2. Beef Cherokee 04:02   instrumental
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3. On the Frozen Lake 04:52   instrumental
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4. Mission: Possible 05:15   instrumental
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5. Good Morning, Mr. Coffee 07:25   instrumental
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6. Siouxp of the Day 04:02   instrumental
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7. On the Fritz 05:24   instrumental
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8. Tea for One and a Half 06:22   instrumental
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9. Never Mind Our Weather 05:54   instrumental
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10. Macrowaves 24:55   instrumental
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Anders Johansson Drums, Percussion
Jens Johansson Keyboards, Bass synthesizer
Allan Holdsworth Guitars, SynthAxe
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An instrumental fusion album released by the Johansson brothers in conjunction with guitarist Allan Holdsworth.

Track 10 is not actually 24:55 long - the song runs for 02:40 before around 20 minutes of silence is broken by roughly another minute of keys and drums.

Japanese bonus track:
11 The Moose are Marching

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