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Road Kill

Joe Hasselvander

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Bad Posture Records
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1. Back Door Sinner 04:18  
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2. Under the Gun 04:49  
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3. Metal Eyes 04:35  
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4. Is It Loud Enough? 06:19  
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5. Number One 03:54  
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6. School for the Deaf 04:16  
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7. Rotten to the Core 04:10  
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8. Chased by Your Demons 04:12  
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9. Bitch 03:55  
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Joe Hasselvander Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals
Mark Schenker Bass
Kent Dorian Guitars
Victor Griffin Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Jay Smith Guitars (lead)
A.D. Adams Vocals
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Tracks 1-6:
Joe Hasselvander - vocals, drums, bass, rhythm guitars
Jay Smith - lead guitars
Recorded 1986 at Cue Studios, Fall Church Va.

Tracks 7, 8:
Joe Hasselvander - drums
Victor Griffin - all guitars, bass, vocals
Recorded 1986 at Cue Studios, Fall Church VA.

Track 9:
Joe Hasselvander - drums
Robbie Galph - guitars
Kent Dorian - guitars
Mark Schenker - bass
A.D. Adams - vocals
Recorded 1989 at CMC Studios, Zebulon, NC.

This album was re-released in 2007 by Rock Saviour Records together with "Lady Killer" and includes 2 bonus tracks:
- Hellion (from OVERLORD live show, 1979)
- The Ghoul (from DEATH ROW live show, 1982)

The whole tracklist is as follows:

1. Back Door Sinner
2. Under The Sun
3. Metal Eyes
4. Loud Enough
5. Number One
6. School For The Deaf
7. Rotten To The Core
8. Chased By Your Demons
9. Red Line
10. Lady Killer
11. Rise
12. I'm Alright
13. Love Assassin
14. Undertaker And His Pals
15. Hellion
16. The Ghoul

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