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Job for a Cowboy

Release date:
July 7th, 2009
Catalog ID:
Metal Blade Records
14 reviews (avg. 67%)
1. Unfurling a Darkened Gospel 03:43   Show lyrics
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2. Summon the Hounds 03:51   Show lyrics
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3. Constitutional Masturbation 03:35   Show lyrics
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4. Regurgitated Disinformation 04:46   Show lyrics
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5. March to Global Enslavement 06:05   Show lyrics
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6. Butchering the Enlightened 03:30   Show lyrics
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7. Lords of Chaos 03:36   Show lyrics
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8. Psychological Immorality 03:08   Show lyrics
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9. To Detonate and Exterminate 03:22   Show lyrics
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10. Ruination 04:55   Show lyrics
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Band members
Jon "The Charn" Rice Drums
Jonny Davy Vocals
Brent Riggs Bass
Alan Glassman Guitars
Bobby Thompson Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Brent Elliott White Album artwork
Brian James Layout
Jason Suecof Producer, Mixing
Alan Douches Mastering
Brent Elliott White Album artwork
Brian James Layout
Jason Suecof Producer, Mixing
Alan Douches Mastering
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The iTunes edition of the album comes with a bonus track:
11. The Matter of Splatter (Exhumed Cover) (3:43)

Also available as a 2CD digipak version which contains the standard album, and as a bonus disc, the re-release of Doom.

Music videos were made for the songs "Ruination" and "Unfurling a Darkened Gospel".

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