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The Apocalypse Chime

James Byrd

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Shrapnel Records
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1. Bosnia 05:00  
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2. One 04:40  
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3. Visigoth 04:45  
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4. Cold Paradise 04:18  
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5. Death (is) 05:42  
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6. Dolly Dagger 04:31  
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7. I've Got a Line on You 04:47  
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8. Lighting the Sky 05:23  
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9. The Long Road 05:42  
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Band members
Chase Culp Drums
James Byrd Guitars, Bass
Evan Sheeley Bass ("Dolly Dagger")
Robert Mason Vocals
Doug Roberts Keyboards
Chase Culp Drums
James Byrd Guitars, Bass
Evan Sheeley Bass ("Dolly Dagger")
Robert Mason Vocals
Doug Roberts Keyboards
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Released under the name "The James Byrd Group"

"The Apocalypse Chime" saw James Byrd teaming up with former Lynch Mob vocalist Robert Mason for 9 tracks that run the gamut of rock and metal. Recorded in late 1995 and released on Shrapnel Records in 1996, "The Apocalypse Chime" was Byrd's last album on the Shrapnel label but suffered sonically at the hands of a limited budget.

Byrd comments, "I had a contract for two albums. This one, and Son of Man. I wanted to make "Son of Man", the label wanted a vocal album. I had limited funds for two albums, so in the end, I'd used all the money to make "Son of Man". By the time I had to make "The Apocalypse Chime", I only had enough money to pay the players. I had no budget left for mixing and mastering, so the production is awful, and it's made worse by a "mastering" job from hell. The guy who mastered the album really made a mess of it I'm afraid because it sounded much better before it was mastered. But I never even heard what he'd done until it had gone to press. It's really a shame because one of my favorite songs that I've written is on that album; 'Visigoth'".

Despite its sonic shortfalls the album was well received in the press for it's hard-hitting performances and writing and was recommended in the Martin Popoff book "The Collector's Guide to Heavy Metal: Volume 3: The Nineties".

"The Apocalypse Chime" is now out of print.

James Byrd - All Guitars & Bass.
Robert Mason - Vocals.
Chase Culp - Drums.
Doug Roberts - Keyboards.
Evan Sheeley - Bass on "Dolly Dagger".

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