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James Byrd

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Shrapnel Records
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1. Heavy Water 04:31   instrumental
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2. Sunburst 04:27   instrumental
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3. Octoglomerate 07:28   instrumental
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4. War Hero 03:04   instrumental
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5. Yoshimi's Mourning 01:05   instrumental
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6. Time Alone 01:06   instrumental
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7. Morning Time Blues 07:34   instrumental
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8. Dance with Knives 05:10   instrumental
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9. Why Have You Forsaken Me 06:52   instrumental
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Band members
James Byrd Guitars, Keyboards, Bass (3, 9)
Joey Blair Mudarri Bass, Fretless Bass
Jeff Robinette Drums, Sequencing, Percussion
Miscellaneous staff
James Byrd Producer, Engineering, Mixing
James Byrd Guitars, Keyboards, Bass (3, 9)
Joey Blair Mudarri Bass, Fretless Bass
Jeff Robinette Drums, Sequencing, Percussion
James Byrd Producer, Engineering, Mixing
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Byrd's first all instrumental release, "Octoglomerate" was recorded in 1993 for Shrapnel Records. The album features a blend of Hendrixian space-rock and neo-classical influences which remain unique.

"Octoglomerate" marked Byrd's introduction to Yngwie Malmsteen who upon hearing the album, asked to meet Byrd. The two became good friends when Byrd found that Malmsteen admired his music and vision.

"Octoglomerate" also marked Byrd's first effort at engineering, having been recorded by Byrd in his basement on a single 8 track machine with almost no equipment other than his guitars, amps, and a bare bones studio setup.

"I did this entire album with a single eight track machine with no track bouncing. Still don't know why it sounds good, but it does, and I have no idea how I pulled it off. I had to print all my effects while tracking because I only had two devices: One old Midi-verb, and an even older ddl".

"Octoglomerate" is an album made with virtually no commercial considerations according to Byrd, and the album features very extended concepts, embodying elements of blues, jazz, flamenco, classical, funk, and metal. Impossible to put in one category, Octoglomerate generated critical acclaim not only from Malmsteen, but in the guitar press as well.

"Octoglomerate" is now out of print.

James Byrd - Electric & Classical Guitar, Keyboards, Bass Guitar on 'Octoglomerate' and 'Why Have You Forsaken Me'.
Jeff Robinette - Drums, Sequencing & Percussion.
Joey Blair Mudarri - Bass Guitar & Fretless Bass Guitar.

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