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Release date:
July 3rd, 1995
Catalog ID:
FOG 007
Moonfog Productions
6 reviews (avg. 79%)
1. Neslepaks 05:31   Show lyrics
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2. Landet og havet 01:07   Show lyrics
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3. I kamp med Kvitekrist 04:57   Show lyrics
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4. I ei gran borti Nordre Åsen 03:43   instrumental
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5. Over de syngende øde moer 05:52   Show lyrics
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6. Thornspawn Chalice 08:10   Show lyrics
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7. Total Death 02:50  
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Band members
Fenriz Everything
Aldrahn Vocals (additional) (track 1)
Vicotnik Vocals (additional) (track 6)
Miscellaneous staff
Fenriz Producer, engineering
Fenriz Everything
Aldrahn Vocals (additional) (track 1)
Vicotnik Vocals (additional) (track 6)
Fenriz Producer, engineering
Read Høstmørke 88% Noctir May 31st, 2010
Read Sorry, but it has to be a joke 20% Sean16 October 10th, 2006
Read A unique and great album,... 90% Symphony_Of_Terror February 17th, 2005
Read Long live Isengard! 86% KayTeeBee October 28th, 2004
Read Folk the way it should be... 95% Minion January 17th, 2004
Read Damn near perfection. 97% BlackEnergy May 13th, 2003

Bootleg release by Black Witchery Records in 2000 on 12" vinyl, limited to 500 copies, contained all the songs on Høstmørke and demo Spectres over Gorgoroth.

Officially issued on vinyl with gatefold cover by Moonfog in February 2008.

Re-released 25th October of 2010 as a 2CD. The second disc contains the entire Høstmørke album plus commentaries conducted by Fenriz and reflecting on the recording process, as well as an insight into the time of the recording.

Re-released on LP by Peaceville Records in January 2013.

Recording information:

Høstmørke was recorded from May 1994 'til Mars 1995.


Barcode: none
Matrix code: DURECO [02] FOG 007
SID codes: none

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