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The Story So Far Part Two

Iron Maiden

Boxed set
Release date:
October 9th, 1995
Catalog ID:
EMI Music
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1. Live After Death + bonus CD  
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2. Somewhere in Time + bonus CD  
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3. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son + bonus CD  
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4. No Prayer for the Dying + bonus CD  
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5. Fear of the Dark + bonus CD  
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Released as a limited edition, contains the 5 original cd plus a bonus cd including the B-sides of the singles from each album. Both are picture cd's in a double slim jewel case with original booklet and inner back cover displaying Bonus CD tracklisting and catalogue over "The X Factor" artwork.
There were released only few copies of this box. Today is a very rare item.

Live After Death Bonus CD:
- Losfer Worlds (Big 'Orra) (live)
- Sanctuary (live)
- Murder In The Rue Morgue (live)

Somewhere In Time Bonus CD:
- Reach Out
- Juanita
- Sherriff Of Hundersfield
- That Girl

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son Bonus CD:
- Black Bart Blues
- Massacre
- Prowler '88
- Charlotte the Harlot '88
- Infinite Dreams
- The Clairvoyant (live)
- The Prisoner (live)
- Killers (live)
- Still Life (live)

No Prayer For The Dying Bonus CD:
- All in your Mind
- Kill Me Ce Soir
- I'm a Mover
- Communication breakdown

Fear Of The Dark Bonus CD:
- Nodding Donkey Blues
- Space Station N°.5
- I Can't See My Feeling
- Roll Over Vic Vella
- No Prayer for the Dying (live)
- Public Enema N°.1 (live)
- Hooks in You (live)

This double CD's were also released separatly, also as a limited edition.

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