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Iron Maiden - The Story So Far Part One
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The Story So Far Part Two

The Story So Far Part One

Iron Maiden

Boxed set
Release date:
October 9th, 1995
Catalog ID:
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1. Iron Maiden + bonus CD  
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2. Killers + bonus CD  
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3. The Number of the Beast + bonus CD  
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4. Piece of Mind + bonus CD  
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5. Powerslave + bonus CD  
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Read Metric Ton of Bonus Material 100% Symphony_Of_Terror March 19th, 2004

Released as a limited edition, this contains the five original albums plus a bonus CD including the B-sides of the singles from each album. All are picture CD's in a double jewel case with original booklets and inner back covers displaying Bonus CD tracklistings and catalogue over "The X Factor" artwork.
There were few copies released and today it's a very rare item.

Iron Maiden Bonus CD:
- Sanctuary
- Burning Ambition
- Drifter (live)
- I've Got the Fire (live)

Killers Bonus CD:
- Twilight Zone
- Women in Uniform
- Invasion
- Phantom Of The Opera (live)

The Number Of The Beast Bonus CD:
- Total Eclipse
- Remember Tomorrow (live)

Piece Of Mind Bonus CD:
- I've Got the Fire
- Cross Eyed Mary

Powerslave Bonus CD:
- Rainbow's Gold
- Mission From 'Arry
- King of Twilight
- The Number of the Beast (live)

The double CD's were also released separatly, also as limited editions.

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